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What are the FinTech innovations CISOs need to be aware of?

The financial landscape is undergoing a transformation, driven by innovative FinTech startups. From artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personalization to the rise of super apps, these startups are at the fore front of revolution how we interact with money, the security measures around it.

Kiran Raj, Practice Head of Disruptive Tech at GlobalData, said: “As the banking world pivots from age-old methods to a digital-first paradigm, FinTech startups emerge as the pivotal game-changers. With the might of advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity in their arsenal, they are forging a future of cost savings, enriched customer dialogues, and amplified profit avenues. In their quest to redefine finance, these startups are charting the course for our next chapter in economic interaction.”

Vaibhav Gundre, Project Manager of Disruptive Tech at GlobalData, added: “From ledger to lifestyle, startups are reimagining finance, crafting bespoke solutions, enhancing user engagement, and championing the customer-first mantra. In this dawn of hyper-personalized finance, from AI-driven advice to gamified money management, these innovators are not just rising to the occasion but elevating the entire game.”

GlobalData’s latest Startup Series report “Branches to bots: how startups reimagine FinTech” explores the potential of the emerging FinTech trends and various startups focused on these trends.

Super apps

Super apps are becoming the one-stop solutions for a range of financial services. They are reshaping the way we interact with digital services, bringing together diverse offerings within a unified ecosystem to redefine convenience and personalization.

US-based Brex enables businesses to control their spending management elements such as corporate cards, reimbursements, expense management, and bill payments from a single unified platform.


FinTech startups are leveraging gamification to make finance fun, encouraging savings, investments, and financial literacy. Businesses are focusing on gamification to foster greater consumer loyalty and engagement with financial products and services.

Zywa, a middle eastern Gen Z-focused financial services startup, provides a gamified savings goal tracker and transaction rewards to increase engagement with its target customers.

Biometric authentication

Startups are strengthening security by integrating multi-modal techniques such as facial, voice, and iris scanning, in addition to behavioral analytics. They are utilizing technologies such as 3D facial recognition, deep learning algorithms, speech recognition, and liveness detection to ensure security.

TypingDNA, a US-based startup, provides AI-centered authentication and fraud detection solution that analyzes typing micro patterns to authenticate users.

AI-powered Personalization

Harnessing AI, FinTech startups offer tailored financial advice, personalized investment strategies, risk assessment, targeted marketing, and predictive spending insights. These innovations empower businesses to efficiently tailor their services to individuals on a large scale.

Credolab, an alternative risk analysis startup from Singapore, provides digital scorecards that are built on mobile devices and web behavioral metadata. It offers risk and fraud detection along with personalized personality-based marketing campaigns utilizing granular-level behavioral insights.

Gundre concluded: “As technology reshapes finance, FinTech stands at the forefront of innovation. Startup-driven transformations redefine norms, though regulatory and security considerations persist. Balancing innovation with stability remains paramount as the financial landscape evolves.”

Image by Brian Penny from Pixabay


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