7th November 2024
Hilton London Canary Wharf
24th June 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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November 2024 Speakers

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Ben Owen
Speaker & Co-Founder – Head of Intelligence | The OSINT Group

“The Data Dilemma: Balancing Online Sharing with Security”

In an age where every click leaves a trace, navigating the balance between sharing and security is crucial. Discover how to protect your digital identity and exactly how hackers exploit your personal information.

  • Understanding digital footprints
  • Common social engineering tactics
  • Assessing your online presence
  • Think you haven’t got a digital footprint? Think again.


Ben is an internationally recognised expert in covert operations, surveillance and digital intelligence with over 23 years’ experience working at the very height of national security, military operations and now the private sector. Ben also stars in the global hit TV show, Hunted. He now films the Australian version which was the most popular TV show in Australia since 2015 with Season 1. Ben is also known as the ‘Digital Spy’, giving talks across the world to keep clients and businesses safe from the bad guys.

Tony Willis MSc MBA FCMI MSyI
Situational Awareness Expert | BeAwareTakeCare

“How the potential for abuse of artificial intelligence and machine learning by terrorists or extremists could impact your organisation”
  • AI/hacking/fraud/inside actors may be used by extremists to radicalise individuals and disseminate information.
  • How that may affect people’s views of organisations/events/policies/politics
  • How they may utilise fraud and scams to help with funding


Tony provides advice and training on situational awareness and counter terrorism.

He has previously worked in the corporate sector responsible for fraud and revenue assurance systems at several large multinationals along with running large project management departments.

Tony gained an MBA in 1995 and decided to return to university in 2016 to study for his Masters In Counter Terrorism at UCLAN.

Tony is a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of management and the Institute of Strategic Risk Management and a member of the Security Institute.

Cheila Dos Santos
Head of Programme Delivery | Natura & Co

“Best Cyber Strategy”


Cheila Dos Santos is a dedicated cybersecurity professional with over a decade of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Cheila has assistedcompanies in enhancing their security posture through her expertise and strategic insights. She is known for spearheading large-scale transformationprograms aimed at fortifying organisational defenses against cyber threats.

In addition to her technical contributions, Cheila is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry. She actively supports andmentors women, ethnic minorities, and young individuals looking to enter the cyber field, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities withinthe industry. Cheila’s ongoing efforts will continue to strengthen digital defenses and promote equality within the field.