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    A report published to mark the first year anniversary of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) protecting the UK from cyber threats has revealed that within 12 months the organisation received 1,131 incidents, with 590 classed as ‘significant’.

    Part of GCHQ, the NCSC focuses on cyber security for the UK. The incidents listed within the report outlined the work undertaken by the organisation to help improve security of online transactions throughout the country, along with providing support for the UK Armed Forces.

    “Our response has been to transform to stay ahead of them,” said Jeremy Flemming, director of GCHQ.

    “The NCSC is a pivotal part of that transformation. It is a critical component not only of GCHQ, where it benefits from the data and expertise it has access to as part of the intelligence community, but of how the government as a whole works to keep the UK safe,” Flemming added.

    In its first year, the NCSC has been credited for a 43% increase in the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP), leading the UK response to the WannaCry virus, hosting the three-day Cyber UK Conference in Liverpool and enrolling over 1,000 youngsters on the CyberFirst courses.


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