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What is Red Team Assessment and how can it benefit business?

By Eleanor Barlow, SecurityHQ

Red Team Assessment as a service used to simulate real-life attacks, to know that the right security controls are implemented and working within a business, and to highlight the security gaps that would otherwise go undetected.

A key part of Red Team Assessment is where a simulation is used to mimic the behaviour of an internal employee in the company being tested. For this, the red team will have the same devices and privileges and try to gain unauthorised access to sensitive IT systems, active directory, business sensitive application/database and to see what data is accessible. The goal of this assessment is to learn which machines, servers and data can be reached, and if an attack can be made on the machine to move laterally throughout the organisation.

Obviously, in this attack there is no malicious intent, the purpose is to highlight if someone with malicious intent could indeed infiltrate and gain access to sensitive data/company information and the people and processes involved.

The Challenges Red Team Assessment as a Service Solves

The challenge with most organisations is that the majority, around the world, are now working remotely. The issue with this is that businesses do not know how secure their corporate devices are. In a Red Team Assessment, specific users/employees are targeted, to see if security solutions can be bypassed, and controls to elevate higher privileges and create backdoors into the target’s endpoint, can be made. This provides a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and the weaknesses in a company’s infrastructure especially while teams work remotely.

What Next?

‘Security Awareness is not just for those interested in cyber security. It is a crucial element that all employees must be aware of. The issue is that few organisations have a dedicated cyber security team, which means that few are educated on the necessary processes that should be conveyed to all employees in separate departments. With this lack of awareness, systems, processes, data, and people are left vulnerable. But once employees are cyber security aware, have a checklist in place, are able to recognise cyber threats, the impact of a cyber-attack, and know the steps to prevent cyber threats from attacking and infiltrating their systems, businesses improve their security posture significantly.’ – Tips to Educate and Protect Your Staff from Security Threats

For a comprehensive view of the features and benefits available with Red Team Assessment, download the data sheet here.

Or, to speak with an expert, contact a member of our team here.

About The Author

Eleanor Barlow

Based in London, Eleanor specialises in researching and reporting on the latest in cyber security intelligence, developing trends and security insights. As a skilled Content Manager and experienced named author and ghost writer, she is responsible for SecurityHQ’s content strategy. This includes generating content for the latest articles, press releases, whitepapers, case studies, website copy, socials, newsletters, threat intelligence and more. Eleanor holds a first-class degree in English Literature, and an MA from the University of Bristol. She has strong experience writing in B2B environments, as well as for wider technology-based research projects.

About SecurityHQ

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