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  • VirtualArmour opens cybersecurity academy in UK and US

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    VirtualArmour International has established new institutions for cybersecurity education and training in Salt Lake City, Utah and Middlesbrough, UK.

    The academy was developed by VirtualArmour’s vice president of Managed Services, Andrew Douthwaite, in association with University of Utah and Tees Valley Cyber College.

    Tees Valley Cyber College is aimed at driving employment across digital industries and strengthening a national campaign to thwart cybercrime.

    The mission of the University of Utah’s School of Computing includes achieving excellence in working with industry, government, educators and the community to advance computing, and serve the needs of these organizations and groups.

    VirtualArmour earlier recruited four engineers from the two colleges and anticipates that graduates of the Academy will help support the growth of its Managed Services business in the US and Europe.

    “Intellectual capital is one of our greatest assets,” said Douthwaite. “There is also a scarcity of cybersecurity talent and the expectation by most employers for experience even for entry level positions. So, we established the VirtualArmour Academy for students to further develop their knowledge and skills, and become the best managed service engineers in cybersecurity. We expect future graduates to bring new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to VirtualArmour, as we expand our engineering teams in 2018.”


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