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    By Rapid7

    Today’s cyber security cannot follow the old playbook designed for detecting and mitigating attacks. The push for digitisation across industries and sectors has expanded the threat surface exponentially. The latest spike in ransomware attacks, data breaches, IP theft, bear testimony to that. Things have changed and need to be revamped and redesigned, keeping the latest attack vectors and attack surfaces in mind.

    Therefore, it’s crucial to find a more holistic approach to threat detection, response, and mitigation beyond traditional endpoints, covering network and cloud. This is where Extended Detection and Response (XDR) comes in. XDR unifies and transforms relevant security data from your modern environment to detect real attacks and provide security teams with high-context and actionable insights. By aggregating threat detection and response across multiple controls, XDR can improve response efficacy and efficiency.

    But did you know there’s probably something else worrying your security teams? After countless conversations with customers, we consistently hear one thing: what eludes security teams is not attackers; it’s time. Teams don’t have the time or resources to do it all, and forced trade-offs create opportunities for attackers to get in.

    That’s why we purpose-built InsightIDR to give teams time to focus on successful, proactive and complete threat detection and response programs. InsightIDR is cloud-native and SaaS-delivered to eliminate the distractions of months-to-years-long deployments and configurations. With a focus on flexibility, intuitive UI, and a highly contextualised view of the environment ‘out of the box’, InsightIDR helps teams level up resources and see value on day one.

    To sum it up, when your team is up against an attack, every second matters. With detailed, correlated investigations, a complete timeline of an attack and all relevant information they need in one place. With expert and community-driven playbooks and containment and automation built-in, your security analysts are empowered to eliminate threats faster—before attackers can succeed.

    Find out more about how XDR can help your security team gain contextualised insights and streamlined SecOps.


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