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  • Over 90% of online trackers are from Facebook, Microsoft and Google

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    93.7% of online trackers are from Facebook, Microsoft and Google, with the latter’s making up 49.9% of all trackers found on the web.
    That’s according to research from Atlas VPN, which notes that Google’s YouTube and ad network Doubleclick also have a significant share of trackers online. YouTube has a 13.8% share, while Doubleclick trackers make up 8.3%.
    Out of all trackers, Facebook’s trackers make up 15.7% of the share. Facebook, Atlas VPN reminds us, has suffered multiple data breaches in the past and has been involved in privacy scandals.
    Microsoft’s trackers are the least common in this list, with 6% of the share. Finally, Hotjar has a 6.3% share of trackers online. Their tracker helps websites collect IP address, device type, operating system browser type, window size, and content.
    Beyond trackers, other web privacy threats exist that can corrupt your safety online.
    Session replay script was found in 35% of the scanned websites. This type of threat captures visitors’ journey on the website. During the recording of the user’s session, the script may also capture personal identifiable information (PII).
    Fingerprinting scripts were present in 30.9% of websites. About one out of four (24.9%) websites had a newly registered domain name. Foreign actors from countries like Russia, Belarus, China, and Iran originated 9% of malicious scripts. Malware and bad SSL were each present in just 0.1% of websites.
    To read the full research result, click here.

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