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  • NCSC issues DoS attack guidance for business

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    Organisations worried about the threat of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks have been recommended to read guidance published by the National Cyber Security Centre.

    Wikipedia suffered a suspected DoS attack on Saturday September 7th that resulted in intermittent site access for some users in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

    Advice for SMEs, large organisations, the public sector and cyber security professionals is available on the NCSC’s website.

    When a website suffers a DoS attack, it will appear to users that the site has simply stopped displaying content. However, for businesses it could mean that the online systems they depend upon have ceased to respond. 

    The collection of guidance published by the NCSC helps organisations mitigate against DoS attacks and outlines the importance of understanding your service, creating a response plan, scaling and monitoring. 

    There is also guidance around the very minimal DoS response plan any organisation should have in place.

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