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  • Joiner-Mover-Leaver process: Solve it once and for all?

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    By Tenfold Security

    JML processes give IT and HR departments regular headaches and often create quite hefty conflicts between those two departments. What is this all about?

    When a new employee joins your organization, HR will know about them first, as they sign the contracts and do the onboarding. Today, many employees will require IT system access in order to fill their job role. That means IT needs to know about new hires so they can onboard them as well with all the necessary resources:

    • Client hardware (PC, Laptop, etc.)
    • Active Directory accounts, group memberships
    • E-Mail access, distribution groups, access to shared mailboxes
    • Access to applications like ERP or CRM

    If HR fails to pass on that information (for whatever reason), you might end up with a new employee not being productive on their first few days, because they can’t access important systems and data. This is not only a loss for the company, but also creates great frustration for the new hire.

    The same challenge arises if HR forgets to inform IT about employee that has departed from the organization recently. The result are orphaned user accounts that pose a huge security risk and generate costs in the form of unused software licenses.

    How to solve the issue? We at tenfold, the leading mid-market Identity & Access Management solution propose the following:

    • If you manage less than 500 users, let HR manually input new hires, leavers and data changes (for example last name changes or new telephone numbers) into tenfold. Our software will then distribute those changes to Active Directory and other systems. Your HR users don’t have to be domain administrators for this to work.
    • If you manage more than 500 users, attach your HR management or payroll system directly to tenfold to automate the whole process. Read all about how this is made possible by the tenfold Import Plugin:

    If you would like to learn about the basics of access management in Microsoft environments (structure, access right levels, access control lists, inheritance) then download our detailed white paper “Best Practices For Access Management In Microsoft® Environments” at this link:  

    Want to try tenfold for yourself? No problem, just register to download our free trial


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