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  • IT Security: The big issues for 2018

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    Key Trends

    Identifying threats and educating staff about safety are the key issues for the UK’s cyber security professionals in 2018.

    The findings come from a survey of the senior cyber security professionals attending this summer’s Security IT Summit, which takes place on July 3rd at the Hilton London, Canary Wharf.

    These professionals include representatives from the likes of DXC Technologies, Financial Ombudsman Services, Freight Transport Association, London Stock Exchange Group, Marshall Motor Group, O2 Telefonica, Prudential, The Guardian, Vodafone and many more.

    While the majority have highlighted a general cyber security strategy as the number one issue, are prominent areas of interest, closely followed by Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Malware, Penetration Testing and Phishing Detection.

    “With a number of high profile breaches over the past 12 months, cyber security has never been so important to businesses and organisations of all sizes,” said Senior Portfolio Sales Manager Chris Cannon. “As our research demonstrates, analysing the threat of security and educating staff are key issues.”

    % of the Security IT Summit sourcing specific solutions for 2018 and beyond:

    UK Cyber Strategy – 58%

    Advanced Threat Dashboard – 50%

    Employee Security Awareness – 50%

    Access Control – 46%

    Intrusion Detection – 46%

    Malware – 46%

    Penetration Testing – 46%

    Phishing Detection – 46%

    Authentication – 42%

    Mobile Security – 42%

    Web Security – 42%

    Anti-Virus – 38%

    Browser Security – 38%

    Cloud Web Security – 38%

    Encryption – 38%

    Inside Threat – 38%

    Identity/Privacy Protection – 33%

    Intrusion Prevention System – 33%

    Network Security Management – 33%

    Social Media Security – 38%

    Vulnerability – 33%

    The Security IT Summit is free to attend for cyber security professionals. To find out more about attending, contact Emily Gallagher on 01992 374085 or email

    If you are a supplier to the care sector and offer any of the solutions our delegates are sourcing, contact Chris Cannon on 01992 374096 or email


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