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HANDD Business Solutions (HANDD) are a data centric cyber security service partner. We work within the IT security channel marketplace to provide software and the services required to address your business security needs.

As a result, we do not author our own product sets and instead offer consultancy, sales and aftersales support for the product offerings provided by our vendors.

The simplest way to think of the services a channel partner or Value-Added Reseller provides is that we go over and above what the vendors will provide themselves;

  1. Local Support; lots of technology vendors are based in the United States. If you’re elsewhere in the world you don’t want to wait for the west coast to wake up to get a major issue fixed. Here at HANDD we provide follow-the-sun support enabling our customers to get prompt resolution when experiencing issues regardless of their location.
  2. Agnostic Approach; we’re not tied to one solution, and as such focus solely on providing the right fit for your business challenge. This could encompass X number of solutions to get the job done.
  3. Services; because we’re vendor agnostic we’ve experience of engineering different solutions together, migrating from one or another and integrating existing pieces of technology which may exist already in your business.

Fundamentally, using HANDD to deploy your project you’re going to get more for your money! More time, care and attention discover more at https://www.handd.co.uk/data-services/.


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