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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: 10Duke Authentication & Authorisation

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    10Duke provides authentication and authorisation as-a-service solutions for leading consumer and technology brands worldwide such as Trimble, Unilever, Savills, Volvo, Rovio and more.

    Our products are used to address three primary use cases:

    The 10Duke Identity Provider – enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for customers accessing applications, whether they are desktop, mobile or web, using either their preferred email (direct login), their company ID (domain login) or their favourite social ID (social login).

    The 10Duke Identity Bridge – a cloud-based service that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) capability for employees and contractors to seamlessly access multiple SaaS applications with the same username and password without the need to login separately to each service.

    The 10Duke Entitlements – gives you control of the delivery and licensing of your applications; it provides an engine to dynamically create and manage the licenses you offer to customers and supports a wide variety of license models.


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