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  • Forrester Consulting research shows Human Layer Security is the solution security leaders have been looking for

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    A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tessian  shows that Security and Risk leaders feel little control over risks posed by employees.

    On the other hand, organisations that deploy Human Layer Security technology feel more prepared to face email security threats and data breaches, demonstrating a higher level of security maturity.

    Key insights from the study include:

    • Nearly 40% of organisations report 10+ employee-related email security incidents per month
    • 61% of our survey respondents think an employee will cause their next data breach
    • Over 75% of  firms report that 20% or more email security incidents get past their existing security controls
    • One-third say they lack visibility into threats and risky behaviours
    • Organisations spend up to 600 hours per month resolving employee-related email security incidents
    • 42% of security and risk leaders are looking to improve their email security postures

    Read the complimentary Forrester Consulting study to understand why Human Layer Security solutions are necessary to achieve the full value of your existing security tech stacks in a way that empowers employees while achieving maximum protection.


    Human Layer Security (HLS) automatically detects and prevents threats by understanding human communication patterns and behaviour, building a unique security identity for each and every employee, and continuously improving their security reflexes over time.

    Security and risk leaders who take a Human Layer believe their email security posture is extremely effective at alerting the organisation to potential attacks/threats from users’ risky behaviours or poor security decisions. Meanwhile, those who don’t take a Human Layer approach feel less control over business disruptions.

    Want to learn more about the impact of Human Layer Security? Download the full study.

    You can also book a demo to see Tessian’s Human Layer Security platform in action.


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