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    By Rapid7

    Imagine this, your connected devices at home and office go rogue. The car drives you somewhere else instead of home, the office devices leak intellectual property and employee data, the home appliances reveal information about those at home. The thought of this happening would probably send shivers down your spine. Though it’s only an imaginary scenario, the probability of it happening is not impossible as threat actors become increasingly sophisticated.

    In other words, with digital transformation, the attack surface has increased exponentially. Take the past year for instance. According to a report by Check Point Research, cyberattacks on the education sector have increased by more than 30% globally, with Australia being one of the top five countries to face the attacks. What led to this spike? Remote learning and virtual classes.

    With today’s threat landscape, it’s imperative for security teams to have early, contextualised threat detection across their internal and external environment. Contextualised threat is the investigation and analysis of security alerts as they are generated.

    Collecting vast amounts of remote data and making sense of it to identify true threats to your businesses is complex and time-consuming. You need more context about threats—across your internal or external attack surface—and the ability to drive proactive and automated threat mitigation.

    Our IntSights solution combines external threat intelligence with community-infused threat intelligence to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and free up time to focus for security teams already stretched too thinly. With more intelligence on the internal and external threat landscape, we can offer more context and treat more threats with Emergent Threat Response. We can add and enhance capabilities across your portfolio to help you solve the security concerns challenging your organisation, as well as take a proactive approach to defend against the security concerns of tomorrow.

    Find out more about how our Rapid7 Insight Platform can bring the internal and external threat landscape under your control.


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