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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) was once thought of as a ‘nice to have’. Today, it is essential

A CASB is a Cloud Application Security solution which protects a modern mobile workforce by analysing, managing and protecting user interactions with cloud apps. It offers organisations the ability to control how their data is shared to the cloud and prevent the use of unauthorised or potentially dangerous applications.

Censornet Cloud Application Security (or CASB) is part of our autonomous integrated security platform which sits in the cloud and also includes Email and Web security as well as adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Cloud Application Security offers visibility of all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud app use across a business. It enables IT teams to go beyond an “allow” or “block” position with cloud services. The solution also ensures compliance by providing a comprehensive audit trail of user activity for internal and external auditors.

The Censornet Platform

The Censornet Cloud Application Security solution lets you set rules which will protect the entire organisation around the clock. It allows visibility of the applications that are being used, blocking access to actions or features within these apps.

Businesses that use Cloud Application Security on our platform, gain the ability to discover, analyse, secure and manage cloud activity across multiple networks and devices, whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely.

Censornet Cloud Application Security offers flexible deployment via agents, gateways, or both, with centralised policy management to protect office and mobile users. It benefits from access to automated updates which draw on a catalogue of hundreds of business applications and thousands of actions. And if you’ve already got Web Security, CASB can be enabled with one click.

Explore Censornet’s Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security Platform.


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