7th November 2024
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24th June 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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Over 90% of online trackers are from Facebook, Microsoft and Google

93.7% of online trackers are from Facebook, Microsoft and Google, with the latter’s making up 49.9% of all trackers found on the web. That’s according to research from Atlas VPN, which notes that Google’s YouTube and ad network Doubleclick also have a significant share of trackers online. YouTube has a 13.8% share, while Doubleclick trackers make up […]

Top 5 crypto cyberthreat statistics of the last year

Firstly, cryptocurrency companies are fairly new to the market but deal with a lot of sensitive information, including the client’s funds. Secondly, crypto payments are irreversible and uncontrolled by central authorities, so it is easier for criminals to run away with stolen funds. Lastly, many newcomers are not very knowledgeable about how cryptocurrencies work, making […]

Cyberattacks surge by 33% in a year

According to the data presented by Atlas VPN, cyberattacks have increased by 33% since last year – The total amount of malicious attacks in Q1 rose from 538 in 2020 to 713 in 2021. In January 2020, there were a total of 160 cyberattacks. Meanwhile, January 2021 saw 183 malicious attacks — 14% more than […]