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Scottish Government outlines cyber security plans

The Scottish government has outlined its cyber strategy in a 48-page document – The Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience.

 The plan offers details to local authorities, Government departments and NHS boards on best practices for protecting themselves against cyber attacks. The Scottish Government fast-tracked the strategy in wake of the global cyber attack in May when 11 Scottish health boards were targeted by hackers.

 Discussing the plan, First Minister John Swinney said it would “encourage all public bodies, large or small, to achieve common standards of cyber resilience,” before adding: “I want our public sector to lead by example on strengthening cyber security, to help ensure Scotland is ready to deal with all emerging threats.”

 Some £200,000 is to be made available for organisations to assess, identify and improve cyber security issues, while ministers will also write to chief executives of Scottish public bodies to urge them to ensure all firewalls and security procedures are up-to-date with companies in public service chains asked to demonstrate how they have protected themselves.

 Colin Slater, head of cyber security at PwC in Scotland said: “To date we’ve been reacting to cyber security using frameworks that are almost 30 years old. That’s not representative of the risk we’re dealing with these days.

 “During that attack NHS trusts couldn’t take appointments, they couldn’t do imaging, they couldn’t prescribe drugs, couldn’t admit patients. The ultimate consequence is that you can’t deliver your public service.

 “Cyber criminals are brilliantly tooled up, they’re very dogged, they’re very very clever and they’re very fast and agile.”

 Dr Keith Nicholson, joint chair of the National Cyber Resilience leaders’ board’s public sector steering group, said by following the plan “Scotland’s public sector will be better protected against cyber attacks to the benefit of both the organisation and the citizens of Scotland.”


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