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Majority of UK businesses expect a cyberattack within a year

70% of UK business leaders expect to suffer a cybersecurity incident in the next 12 months, but only 35% of organisations feel well prepared to deal with one. That’s according to new research from Cloudflare, which polled over 4,000 business and technology leaders across Europe and 430 in the UK, finding that almost half (48%) of […]

Why focusing on Benefit Realisation is key to NHS Digitisation

In the Spring Budget, the government announced that there would be a £3.4 billion injection into NHS digitisation – effectively doubling the national investment in order to “modernise NHS IT systems so they are as good as the best in the world”. Whilst a laudable aim, the announcement has been met with cautious optimism by […]

AUTHENTICATION MONTH: Securing your gateways by choosing the best solutions

Robust authentication is paramount for organisations across the UK’s public and private sectors. As a senior IT professional, selecting the right authentication solution is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining business continuity, and protecting your organisation’s reputation. Here are some top tips to guide your search for a trusted authentication solution… Understand Your Organisation’s Needs Prioritise Security and Functionality […]