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June 2024

James Potter, Director – The Linked In Man

“How do dark acters use LinkedIn against you?”

Data is precious, access even more, but many have a LinkedIn “blind” spot. This talk will highlight how it is used against you and how you might use it to help.

  • Highlighting potential areas of exposure and risk
  • Exposing where you can leak (unintentionally) through LinkedIn
  • Sharing how it can be used against you and for you
  • Examples of real life use (positive and negative)
  • Five actions to take away and do

Graham Day, Program Manager – CyberGuardian

“Protecting organisations & interests through social engineering threat awareness, managing predominant cyber risks & cyber insurance premiums whilst embedding cyber CSR, next generational awareness and human risk management”

Progressive, holistic security achieved through human risk management, applied proactively in conjunction with cyber security risk management, to manage cyber insurance, embed cyber CSR for the betterment of society and to curtail the wanton criminalisation of the internet

  • Empowering individuals personally develops the vested interest in security
  • Informed individuals and enabled employees are security partners and inherent security multipliers
  • Reduced security exposure could and should be insurance quantifier
  • Empowering individuals is the foundation of common core competence for the betterment of society
  • Empowering society reduces target environment to potentially negate juvenile threat actors

Martyn Link, Resilience First

Simon Cuthbert, VAR Channels