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Templar Executives and Wärtsilä open Maritime Cyber Academy in Singapore

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Templar Executives have announced a partnership with marine and energy group Wärtsilä to establish a Cyber Academy and maritime cyber emergency response team in Singapore.

The academy will offer courses designed to support and enhance the collective Cyber maturity of the wider maritime sector, notably ship operators and owners. The academy will be located in the Wärtsilä Digital Acceleration Centre in Singapore and became operational on 1 May 2018.

The Cyber Academy’s courses will be available for delivery in both Singapore and London and will cover a range of relevant topics, from Cyber security coaching for senior management to Cyber awareness for all organisational levels within the maritime industry.

The partners will also work together with key stakeholders, including the Singapore government, CSO Alliance and the Department for International Trade.

The academy partnership was formalised with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Marco Ryan and Andrew Fitzmaurice on April 23 in Helsinki.

“We believe this is a first for the maritime industry; a centre of excellence including a Cyber Academy, combining threat intelligence and Cyber education designed to support collaboration for our customers and the wider maritime community,” said Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer at Wärtsilä.

Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO at Templar Executives, added: “The NotPetya attack last year put the maritime industry firmly on the radar, highlighting the need for a paradigm shift in response to the escalating Cyber threats. Our ground-breaking initiative with Wärtsilä aims at creating the first ever maritime Cyber emergency response team to support the industry on a global scale.”

To find out about the courses available through the Templar Maritime Cyber Academy in Singapore, click here.


Ex-CIA official: Global cyber security cooperation ‘critical’

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The CIA’s former Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt has called for more international engagement on the issue of cyber-security, even between countries who are not traditionally seen as allies.

Speaking to the Straights Times on a visit to Singapore, Hunt – who now heads up a cyber division at Accenture Federal Services – pinpointed the inter-connectivity being fostered by initiatives such as the Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the catalysts for the growing number of high-profile malware attacks.

“[The growing use of smart and connected devices is the] single biggest issue facing cyber security”, said Hunt. “That means there could be a hundred times more ways by which hackers could get at you, and we really have to begin to focus very clearly as nations and businesses about how to secure these things.”

To combat this threat, Hunt said that cooperation between countries would be ‘critically important’, in part referencing President Trump’s recent, poorly received, suggestion that the US and Russia should foster closer ties when it comes to cyber security.

“We need to develop international partnerships around cyber security as all of us are affected by it,” said Hunt. “The worst thing that can happen is that we lose all confidence in our ability to do commerce electronically. Imagine how destructive that would be to national economies.”

Hunt also suggested that there was a need to extend tenets of the Geneva Convention, such as the agreement not to attack hospitals with conventional weapons, to include cyber attacks too, given the recent impact of malware such as WannaCry on organisations such as the NHS in the UK.