7th November 2024
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24th June 2025
Hilton London Canary Wharf
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Building an effective cyber security culture

There are three methods that make an effective defence against cybersecurity: tools, processes and arguably the most important factor, people. And the vast majority of data breaches take advantage of your people in order to succeed, whether it be an employee opening a malicious attachment, letting a criminal tailgate into the office, or revealing their […]

VIDEO – Top tips to spot phishing attacks

By Falanx Phishing, viruses and ransomware are some of the most common attacks aimed at organisations of all sizes, with phishing emails proving the most successful. With this October being Cyber Security Awareness month, empower your staff to recognise and defend against these attacks. Here are some of the signs to look out for > https://falanx.com/cyber/top-tips-to-spot-phishing-attacks/

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Falanx penetration testing

To minimise risks from hackers you need to think and act like a hacker. Penetration testing does just that, pseudo hackers attack your systems to help expose and fix vulnerabilities. Whether it’s web applications, internal networks, mobile devices or wireless networks, penetration testing is critical to ensure high levels of cyber security. But why, when […]