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Accountancies take lion’s share of cyber security recruitment

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

The UK’s so-called ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms account the for majority of cyber security recruitment in the country.

Job search site Indeed.com has released data that shows PwC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte take the top four places in its Top 10 ranking, ahead of the likes of Vodafone, Aviva and Barclays (see table below).

Indeed says the introduction of regulations such as GDPR have driven much of this demand, with the accountancies being asked to consult on the implications for many firms.

As an illustration of this growth, Indeed it has seen an increase of 14.58% for job postings for security roles per one-million vacancies on its site.

Bill Richards, UK MD at Indeed, said: “Every aspect of a modern company relies on its IT and the growing threat of cyber attack and tightening of privacy laws means demand is rising fast for professionals who are able to protect companies’ most precious information.”

“The critical importance of their work, the skill and discretion it requires, and strong demand from employers have combined to drive up cyber professionals’ salaries. Cyber security is both a hot topic and a lucrative profession right now.”

Cyber roles as % of job postings 2018

1 KPMG 5.95
2 PwC 5.08
3 EY 1.99
4 Deloitte 1.47
5 Vodafone 1.46
6 Hastings Direct 1.43
7 Aviva 0.78
8 Capita 0.75
9 Barclays 0.66
10 Capgemini 0.66

Source: Indeed.com