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RECOMMENDED: Access Control Systems – Device Authority

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IT Security Briefing places the spotlight on Device Authority, a leader supplier of solutions which address the challenges of identity and access management for the Internet of Things (IoT) without human intervention…

Device Authority helps its customers and partners simplify the process of establishing trust for the IoT, enabling end-to-end security architecture and scale for the IoT through its innovative technology platform, KeyScaler.

KeyScaler uses breakthrough technology including Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) and PKI Signature+ that delivers simplicity and trust to IoT devices. This solution delivers automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management and policy based end-to-end data privacy/encryption.

About KeyScaler IoT IAM Platform

KeyScaler is a platform that delivers access control for the IoT:

  • Device Trust – Identity, Integrity
  • Data Trust – Security, Privacy
  • Operationalizing trust at IoT Scale – Device Registration, Onboarding, Provisioning, Managing

KeyScaler addresses core security vulnerabilities and delivers comprehensive IoT security automation at scale.

KeyScaler provides connectors to Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Certificate Authorities (CA) and IoT Platforms. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud – suitable for small and large enterprises, giving Device Authority competitive advantage in the IoT security market. KeyScaler delivers time to value, ease of deployment, management, user experience and performance.

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