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Oracle unveils automated database cyber defence solution

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Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison has unveiled new machine learning applications for database and cyber security in the opening keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Ellison introduced Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, the world’s first 100 percent self-driving autonomous database, and new automated cyber defense applications that detect and remediate attacks in real time.

With total automation based on machine learning, Oracle claims its Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labour required to manage a database by enabling a database to automatically upgrade, patch and tune itself while running.

With no more scope for human error or requirements for human performance testing, Oracle says it’s able to minimise costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30 minutes a year and guarantee that organisations can cut their costs in half compared to Amazon.

Ellison also shared benchmark test results during short demonstrations that highlighted an alleged performance gap between Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database running on Amazon’s best Oracle Database Cloud Service, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). The direct comparison also highlighted the difference between Amazon’s 99.95 percent reliability and availability SLAs, which exclude most sources of unplanned and planned downtime, and Oracle’s 99.995 percent SLA guarantees.

Other key quotes from Larry Ellison’s keynote presentation:

  • “Now, I don’t use the word revolutionary new technology every year here at Oracle OpenWorld. We don’t — you know, because there aren’t that many revolutionary new technologies. But this one is.”
  • “This thing is truly elastic, instantaneously elastic. So you never provision more resource than you need. It really is on-demand computing.”
  • “These are not Oracle went out and made up the most ridiculous demos to make Amazon look bad they could come up with. These are datasets that we actually used for stress testing, and performance testing, and validating our database.”
  • “Amazon is five to eight times more expensive running the identical workload than the Oracle Autonomous Database.”
  • “We guarantee you contractually to cut your Amazon bill in half. It’s fairly easy when you’re five to eight times faster. We feel pretty comfortable.”
  • “It’s not unusual for our competitors to use our technology. Amazon knows this. They are one of the biggest Oracle users on the planet Earth. SAP is one of the biggest users of Oracle on Earth.”
  • “Bring-your-own-license to PaaS applies to all of our PaaS services. Not just database, but also middleware, also analytics. These are dramatic price reductions.”
  • “You’ll see a migration, an evolution of database skills, where you’re focused more on database design, schema design, different kinds of data analytics including machine learning, setting the policies as to what is mission critical, what requires disaster recovery, figuring out those policies.”