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UK police team up with Cisco for cyber security training

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Cisco Networking Academy has announced plans to team up with the UK’s police force in a bid to make the country’s cyber space a safer environment.

The initiative will see officers all over the country trained in best cyber security practices and has been described as a ‘pivotal partnership’.

As well as sharing its expertise in the field of cyber security, Cisco will also be running scaleable and accessible programmes for police officers, of which the company revealed there are at least 12,000 across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland currently maintaining the safety and security of online and offline worlds. 

“We are very pleased to be working with Cisco Networking Academy. By joining the programme, forces can access training designed to raise awareness and increase their understanding of cybercrime and cyber threats, while also gaining insights into the procedures used to defend networks,” said Andy Beet, National Police Chiefs’ Council, Data Communications Group, Futures Lead. 

“It’s important for all police officers to understand cybersecurity as fully as possible; by doing so they can develop their knowledge in this increasingly important area, improving security in both their professional and personal lives,” Beet concluded.

Tim Cook

Apple and Cisco team up for cheaper corporate cyber security insurance

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Apple and Cisco Systems have teamed up on an initiative they claim should enable businesses to secure cheaper cyber security insurance.

The tech giants shared a stage in Las Vegas to pitch the idea that if companies are using a combination of their respective technologies, which both claim are more secure than rivals such as Android, then this should be reflected in the pricing of premiums.

There were few details of how this would work in practical terms, but Apple CEO Tim Cook (pictured) said: “The thinking we share here is that if your enterprise or company is using Cisco and Apple, the combination of these should make [cyber-security] insurance cost significantly less. This is something we’re going to spend some energy on. You should reap that benefit.”

Cisco elaborated a little further in a blog post, stating that the partners were “collaborating with insurance industry heavyweights… to offer more robust policies to customers.”

One area the company is looking at is continuous security monitoring, with checks and balances available to insurers so they can see if systems have been set up and configured correctly.

It’s an interesting development, which will almost certainly illicit a response from rivals in the corporate IT and software sectors.