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Backup is dead: True Cyber Protection is the way ahead

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By Adam Brace, EveryCloud

So, is Backup Really Dead? In the traditional sense we would say yes, as Cyber Criminals have developed and deployed ways that mean backing up alone is not enough to provide true data protection. Now (and especially in the future), to be fully protected, organisations need to ensure their data is recoverable, accessible, private, authentic and secure.

Cyber-attacks and especially Ransomware attacks are rampant within businesses across several industries and show no sign of slowing down. These attacks are not only increasing in frequency but also in complexity and businesses are not adequately protecting themselves against these attacks.

Over $20 Billion dollars was paid out last year due to Ransomware alone with the average amount in the region of $570k. Over 500,000 new viruses are released on a weekly basis so recoverability must be a critical component of any business continuity plan going forward.

Everybody is at risk. Cyber-attacks have become very automated and happen at an industrial level. Many of these attacks are now managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Being cheap to deploy means any business is at risk. We are finding, however, that those most at risk tend to be small to medium-sized businesses as well as consumers. This is mainly due to those businesses not having the budgets to deal with the attacks.

Another reason these attacks are successful is a lack of knowledge in how to put adequate prevention in place.

73% of Ransomware attacks could have been avoided by patching.

Having the right tools in place to automate patch management can alleviate these threats drastically.

We are finding that right now businesses want technology that can simplify their backup management all while ensuring disaster recoverability. They want to be proactive in their defence with the ever-increasing threat of Ransomware attacks and are eager to put the correct tools for their needs in place.

Partnering with Acronis, we help businesses improve security and avoid downtime, whilst eliminating complexity and reducing cost. We help you modernise your cybersecurity and backup with a complete integrated solution.

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Is your business CyberFit?

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If your business relies on Microsoft 365, then it’s essential that you take the time to protect it by backing up your Microsoft 365.  Learn how Acronis Cyber BackUp can help avoid downtime, protect data and improve security.  

We aim to protect your business, whilst eliminating complexity and reducing cost. We help you to upgrade cybersecurity and backup with one complete integrated solution. Acronis Cyber Protect provides unmatched protection and increased productivity while decreasing TCO.  

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